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Dear friends, welcome to my preliminary website -

- Koen Van Rompay veterinarian, HIV/AIDS researcher, artist, but particularly founder of Sahaya International

This website will be developed much more once my autobiography, which I am currently writing, is closer to being finished.

The first question everyone (including myself) will ask:

Why a website? Why the book?

Being an introvert person, writing about myself is proving to a major challenge, to say the least. But because so many of my friends have encouraged me and convinced me that it would help Sahaya and inspire others, I've decided to try to jump over my personal hurdles. After all, I like challenges in my life...and I need challenges.

I hope this book will inspire others to realize that within each of us is the amazing power to make a difference if we just have the courage to take one step at a time. I am just an average, ordinary person. I do my best to let common sense guide me in all my decisions. I try to think in simplicity. I have many flaws. I compare myself to the cracked pot in this Indian story (click here to read the story). I've been lucky to find a way in which I can use some of my "cracks" to make a difference, both in my HIV research and with Sahaya.
Above all, I've been fortunate that I am surrounded by an amazing network of friends who support and carry me through this journey. They are "the bearers of the cracked pot", who believe in me.
Via Sahaya, I am the humble link between the many generous people who want to make a difference, and those who are struggling and in need. Being this link has enlightened me in numerous ways, and has taught me what life is all about. I hope the book will succeed in conveying that message.

Another reason for the book is also that because I am far away from my 17 sponsor-children in India throughout most of the year, I hope that through this book they can learn more about me and find a path .
Lastly, I trust that writing this book will also be a road of self-discovery that can smoothen my journey in the coming years.

100% of the proceeds of this book will be used to help underprivileged children and families via the programs of Sahaya International.

Click on the link to the right to see our award-winning documentary "Sahaya Going Beyond", narrated by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, and with theme song by Enya.

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Click on the link below to read the most recent draft of one of the first chapters I wrote -

- About the chicken and the egg - 
or what convinced me to become a veterinarian


Some of my sponsor-kids in India

I love nature. Here I am on my way to the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2001. I have this itch to climb it again. Wanna go?

I love arts and used to do ceramics, until I ran out of space, and Sahaya became my big passion.

Koen with 2 Indian kids
Two of the adorable kids, Nisha and Vignesh,
in Sahaya's sponsorship program.

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